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hello. welcome to my blog. im new to this so bare with me. i am 16 years old and live in good ole orem, utah. i have this crazy mindset that i am going to change the world and so im going to do my best to achieve just that. life is too short to live with regrets so give it all you've got and take chances and don't you ever look back.

Monday, July 1, 2013

{ June 24-30 }

this picture describes our relationship hahah! watched the bachelorette and mistresses :)

mads and payt! favorite girls I work with! after swim lessons before the pool opened and our shifts started we went to kneaders for lunch and talked about anything and everything! 

because I had trek this week we celebrated Abby's birthday a day early and it was too fun! we went to the old spaghetti factory and ran into Daniel(top right) and i loved it! Also, that morning my baby brother left to California for 2 whole weeks! Bittersweet! 

happy birthday to Abby Kate and my beautiful mamma! Thursday morning I left for trek! 

went to dinner with miss Addie lou then went & visited Mel at work :) 

got to FaceTime my favorite little man while he's visiting grandma! He's loving it and getting spoiled silly! 

it was a longggggg week! I went on trek and have lots of stories To share but that's for another post! 

happy Sunday lovelies! 

Hailey McKell