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hello. welcome to my blog. im new to this so bare with me. i am 16 years old and live in good ole orem, utah. i have this crazy mindset that i am going to change the world and so im going to do my best to achieve just that. life is too short to live with regrets so give it all you've got and take chances and don't you ever look back.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{ think before you speak }

Oh my gosh. Where do I even start? This week has been rough to say the least. It has consisted of many tears, long talks, and even heartbreak... I often wonder what life would be like if everyone just loved everyone. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the person I am and the person that I want to become. There's a lot of times that instead of standing up for the things I know to be true against my very own family and the people I love I just go along with what they're saying so we don't have to argue.
Having divorced parents makes this happen WAY to much. I just wish that everyone could accept the fact that they aren't always right. It's human for everyone to dislike people but you don't have to be so gosh darn vocal about it. I've gotten to the point where the simplest of things get to me and my only defense mechanism is to beat myself up inside about it and cry. The worst part about it is that I hardly show anyone who has offended me any tears or anything it all just comes out when I'm alone. I build everything up inside of me and when I get to the very top of what I can take I crumble inside and let it all out. Bless the poor people's hearts that have had to see this happen because it sure isn't pretty. I have always been self conscious and the other day someone said this to me ," the least you could do is suck your tummy in." I honestly wanted to cry. This person has no idea what I go through everyday and how hard I am working so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin. She then tried to cover it up by complimenting my outfit choice. What I'm getting at is you never know how hurtful comments you make to people can be to them. It hurts the most when it comes from the people you love most. I challenge you all to think before you say something that could even have the slightest chance of really hurting someone inside because you can never get back you say even if you give them a million compliments afterwards. It's been an emotionally draining past couple days and I hope that tomorrow will be better!

Hailey McKell


  1. Ahhh, Hai. You are beautiful inside AND out! Love you!

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