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hello. welcome to my blog. im new to this so bare with me. i am 16 years old and live in good ole orem, utah. i have this crazy mindset that i am going to change the world and so im going to do my best to achieve just that. life is too short to live with regrets so give it all you've got and take chances and don't you ever look back.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

have the courage to stand alone

these past few months have definitley been a roller coaster but i wouldn't change anything. while i was going through all the trials and getting over people talking at church and school and basically everywhere i went i realized that its okay to stand alone. it is so hard i can now say from experience but i can also say that i have grown so much from it.
if you would have asked me 6 months ago i would have never saw this ahead. there were so many red flags and many of them passed by me without noticing but as i started to think about who i really want to be and all the choices i have to make to get there i realized that i needed to get out and get out fast. it was such a hard thing to do but i can honestly say that i am proud of myself.
i am so thankful for my family and my best friends who stood by me. my mom has given me so much good advice and so has my grandma. my grammy always tells me to kill with kindness and i sure tried my very hardest. kay & mel and everyone else who stood beside me i owe you everything! i would never have been able to get through it alone. i'm a lucky girl to have all these people in my life. i am honestly so grateful to have hd this learning experince.
if i could say one thing that i want you to know and remember is choose your friends wisely. never ever compromise your standards just to be considered "cool" to them and all their friends. it isn't worth it. people are going to talk and judge you and try and tell you that you made the wrong choice by choosing to distance yourself from them like they did to me and you just need to remain strong and know that god is on your side.
 i love this quote." Courage is not living without fear. Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway." -Chae Richardson. i was scared to death to make the choice to walk away but i knew deep down that it was the right thing to do. like i said before... i wouldn't change this experience because it has helped me to grow so much.
this message from the prophet says it best:
love always,
hailey mckell

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