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hello. welcome to my blog. im new to this so bare with me. i am 16 years old and live in good ole orem, utah. i have this crazy mindset that i am going to change the world and so im going to do my best to achieve just that. life is too short to live with regrets so give it all you've got and take chances and don't you ever look back.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

behind the smile

i had a very eye opening experience the other day. i was talking to a really close friend who was telling me some stories about her life and such. the things she was telling me SHATTERED my heart. i couldn't help but cry for her. some people in the world are too selfish to understand that the things they do and say really do leave a permanent scar. i wish so desperately that i could go back in time and be there for her. and shake the person that did all these horrible things to her and yell STOP IT. it's not okay to hurt the ones you love. this opened my eyes up so much. a lot of the times we just continue on with our lives and never really take time to see behind the smiles. everyone in this world is struggling with something. whether that be not having friends, abuse at home, relationships with family, ANYTHING!!! some people are always positive and choose to just smile to hide all the pain. that is exactly what this sweet friend of mine did. i want her to know that i love her so much. it wasn't your fault baby girl. sometimes people hurt the ones they love the most. you are so loved!! i wish you could see that. i challenge all of you this christmas season to look beyond the smile and be there for the ones that really need you.i wish that i could have been there and that i could go back in time and take away all the pain that all the innocent children have suffered because someone was selfish. those are my rambling thoughts on this very sensitive subject. hope you aren't roo bored reading. its important that we don't judge from the outside because inside everyone is batlting something different.

everytime i think of the battles everyone has underneath this song and music video come to mind and i cry the whole time. be strong... you are loved.

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